Valley Forge United Methodist Church
Missions in Haiti

Fifteen years ago, a member of VFUMC participated in a week-long mission trip to Haiti to help build a community medical clinic, and began a long-term relationship between VFUMC and the people of Haiti. Through the years, working with organizations in the USA and missionaries in Haiti, members and pastors from VFUMC have helped the people of Haiti through a variety of projects: building a school that provides a low cost education, including a hot meal, to more than 270 preschoolers to 6th-grade children; building a church for a community that had none; building a home for 20 orphaned girls; repairing homes of poor Haitian families and building new homes for families.
We are very serious about outreach missions. This is an overview but new missions are being discussed often.  There are many levels someone can be involved, from donating, to participating in an event, to lending a hand around the community or even abroad on a mission trip. 

Phoenixville Area Community Services ~ PACS

PACS is a non-profit organization that supports and connects people in need.  It has a food pantry which we are continuously donating to as well as serving as an information hub to those who need help.  Where to go and how to get it.  It provides emergency food, housing, utilities, and health services as well as assisting people to achieve economic self-sufficiency. 

Community Outreach

Valley Forge United Methodist Church members assist in numerous community services including:

Goodworks: Faith-based organization that helps improve the living conditions of low-income families and individuals in Chester County by making repairs to keep their home safe, dry and warm.  

Good Samaritan Shelter: Provides housing and counseling for men.

St. Mary's Franciscan Shelter is an emergency shelter assisting homeless families in South Eastern Pennsylvania to get back on their feet.

The Clinic - Comprehensive Medical Care for the Uninsured

Haiti Trip 2018